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Welcome - Hos Geldiniz
Welcome to the Asylum of Madmick, poet, fiction writer, tinpot philosopher and all round loony.

This site plays host to some of my writing and more will be added.

At the moment you will find three stories, Ray's Mirror, Beggars and Choosers and Elementary Dentistry, on the Stories Page and a collection of older poems on the Hunter page. The New Page does what it says - showcases some newer poetry.

This is the place to be to learn what has been added recently. The New Page is being updated as fast as time permits. This is an ongoing process. Regular visitors (if any) should keep an eye on it.


The New Page is now about as full as I want it so some work is being transferred to the Recycled Page which has in turn spawned Recycled2 and Recycled3 - must get around to theming these things. The Guest Page is becoming really lively now. See also the Come Get It Page for more freebie stories. And those hideous faux savants Brander and McGuire now have a page of their own.

Note that the site is normally updated on Saturdays, though other occasional updates may take place between times. LAST UPDATED: 29.06.2003

Work which will appear here may have been previously published elsewhere (probably has). Hell, I may even have made money from it. But this is not and never will be a commercial site.

In that spirit, visitors are free to use any writing which appears here provided:

1. I am informed about it.

2. Use is for a non-profit making purpose and not illegal.

I know I can't enforce this. Just asking for a little cooperation is all.

The Links page is starting to include links to sites of other writers or those offering freebies. Commercial sites will not be included other than in exceptional circumstances and for exceptional reasons. If you have a site and would like to exchange links, please mail me.
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I live in Antalya, southern Turkey and may later include some Turkish news and pictures here. Meanwhile, the cartoon of an attempt to turn Antalya's Fluted Minaret into a new Leaning Tower of Pisa is by my old friend and occasional collaborator Orhan Coplu.

This is linked - click on the image to visit Coplu's weird and wonderful world.