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Remember, if you would like to exchange links, mail me!

Organisations and so forth
Turkish Daily News Turkey's first and only English-language newspaper; pays Mick's rent!
Spinchat Chatroom but also has a very lively Poems Board.
Clips Ahoy! Useful freebie clipart and no need to register.
Bravenet Lots of webmaster freebies. Mick's a member - how about you?
Free Avatars Need an avatar? Get it here!

Writers and other such riffraff
Poetry 490 Mick's other site but very uneven quality.
Fangs and Flames Lair of the Wolf - Poems, stories, more.
Paradise Alley Mackay's poetic Paradise Alley Saga is still developing - and has to be read to be believed.
Reverberations of Silence Run by Phiber, a loose collective of poets - nice stuff here.
Robin Is Funny Robin's site contains a journal, poetry, jokes and much more.
Shadowlands Poetry in the cracks between horror, fantasy and scifi. Several of Mick's contemporaries in this one.
Little Angel Eyes Home of Teresa, den mother of the Ezko's Pub chatroom - see Spinchat above. Hi, princess!
Spinpoetry Spinoff from the Spinchat Poems board. Not much on here as yet but will develop.
Inner Circle Publishing Good publisher's site, lots of access to poetry.
World of the Samurai Interesting new site from Hagakure. Poetry and more. Not much up yet but developing.
Dream 41 The site of Jeff Reichenbach who has a poem on our Guest Page. Very well worth your time.