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There are stories which have either been removed from these pages or have never appeared here. These are available by request via e-mail. They are not directly downloadable because they are not stored on my hard drive. To order a story (no charge, folks!) mail using the appropriate link or, if you're greedy and daft enough to want everything available, click here. And in all cases please specify whether your system can handle Word document files or whether you would prefer them sent as plain text.

GO DOWN KILLING A hard-hitting tale of species extinction in which the first person character is a dragon. Click here.

MATINEE The humorous account of a Gregory Peck fan's encounter with the supernatural. Click here.

STOUT ODO'S QUEST Another comical one, though much longer, which sends up a certain style of fantasy writing. Click here.

SPLIT TIME In which interplanetary tourist Consell discovers there are worse things than being torn apart by a wild Yocha'an. Click here.

IN A RUT IN PRETZELVANIA A brief and humorous glimpse of a piece of history which never happened.Click here.

WALKING MY PEOPLE AT STRIJDER BAY In a universe where non-conformity means death, some survive - at a price.Click here.

WELCOME TO THE PUNHOUSE A family that lives for puns and a touch of cannibalism...Click here.

WIND WIPES THE FOOTPRINTS Trees are not always as friendly as they seem...Click here.